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renouvellement Forêts Froides

2019-2023 Renewal

Presentation of the consortium and team  complementarity The IRN on Cold Forests is enriched by two new partners, Norway and

disturbance dynamics

Theme 1. Disturbance dynamics

Research on disturbance dynamics Theme 1.1 – Reconstructing forest fires during the Holocene Adam A. Ali (ISEM, France) & Olivier Blarquez (University

Climate dynamic & fire risk

Theme 2. Climate dynamic & fire risk

Climate dynamic & fire risk Theme 2.1 – Paleoclimatic reconstructions using chironomids and pollen data ► Odile Peyron (ISEM, France) & Emmanuel Guandouin (IMBE,

forest dynamics

Theme 3. Forest dynamics

Research theme on forest dynamics Theme 3.1 Reconstructing paleovegetation ► Didier Galop (GEODE, France),  Martin Lavoie (CEN, Canada) & Sébastien Joannin (ISEM, France) ► Theses

carbon balance

Theme 4. Carbon balance

Carbon balance ► David Paré (CFS, Canada) & Michèle Garneau (UQAM-GEOTOP, Canada) ► Theses involved: Antonin Prijac & Charles Ward In this

Theme 5. Socio-environmental interactions

Research theme on socio-environmental interactions Theme 5.1 Cultural ecology ► Hugo Asselin (UQAT, Canada), & Didier Galop (GEODE) ► Theses involved: Julia Morarin &