disturbance dynamics

Theme 1. Disturbance dynamics

Research on disturbance dynamics Theme 1.1 – Reconstructing forest fires during the Holocene Adam A. Ali (ISEM, France) & Olivier Blarquez (University

Climate dynamic & fire risk

Theme 2. Climate dynamic & fire risk

Climate dynamic & fire risk Theme 2.1 – Paleoclimatic reconstructions using chironomids and pollen data ► Odile Peyron (ISEM, France) & Emmanuel Guandouin (IMBE,

forest dynamics

Theme 3. Forest dynamics

Research theme on forest dynamics Theme 3.1 Reconstructing paleovegetation ► Didier Galop (GEODE, France),  Martin Lavoie (CEN, Canada) & Sébastien Joannin (ISEM, France) ► Theses

carbon balance

Theme 4. Carbon balance

Carbon balance ► David Paré (CFS, Canada) & Michèle Garneau (UQAM-GEOTOP, Canada) ► Theses involved: Antonin Prijac & Charles Ward In this

Theme 5. Socio-environmental interactions

Research theme on socio-environmental interactions Theme 5.1 Cultural ecology ► Hugo Asselin (UQAT, Canada), & Didier Galop (GEODE) ► Theses involved: Julia Morarin &