Charlotte Angove

Professional address

Natural Resources Institute Finland
Latokartanonkaari 9
00790 Helsinki

Professional experience

Postdoctoral researcher

Current research themes

My research investigates interactions between plants and the environment at a physiological and morphological level. The research scope extends from relationships between measurable plant characteristics and ecosystem processes, to chemical bioindicators of plant response to environmental change. I originally researched aquatic plants, and now I research boreal forests. The main benefit of moving from the aquatic realm to the boreal realm has been that I have been able to apply a different perspective to the boreal research that I am doing, and I am equipped with a different suite of statistical tools which also benefit boreal research.
My research aspiration is to help better integrate terrestrial and aquatic research fields, alongside increasing the useability of research to stakeholders. Right now, I am helping to unlock a poorly understood chemical climate signal stored by boreal trees.
We are investigating the physiological and climatic deuterium signal stored in tree rings and n-alkanes.

Key words : Stable isotopes, traits, functional ecology, bioindicators, ecophysiology


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