IRN on Cold Forests leaders and committees

The operation of the IRN on Cold Forests is supported by six co-leaders (Adam Ali, Annika Hofgaard, Igor Drobyshev, Kryshen Alexander, Huang Jian-Guo, Yves Bergeron) representing the following countries: Canada, China, France, Russia, and Sweden;

a scientific committee comprising the six co-leaders (full members), the researchers responsible for the research themes, and two external scientific experts proposed by the scientific committee at the beginning of the IRN on Cold Forests quadrennial contract;

a steering committee that meets once a year with the scientific committee and representatives from industrial partners and public organisations.

The co-leaders will be responsible for expenses incurred, the operation of the international research network, and proposed scientific objectives. The scientific committee will determine annually the state of research projects supported by the IRN on Cold Forests (graduate student projects, theses, financed projects etc.) and will answer calls for projects in partner countries. The steering committee will be responsible for ensuring that the network runs smoothly, and will examine requests for resources (small equipment, missions, student internships, scientific activities etc.) that the IRN on Cold Forests could solicit from its intentional partners (ANR, FQRNT, NSERC etc.) and industrial partners.