publications 2016 IRN Forêts froides

2016 joint publications for partners of the IRN on Cold Forests

In situ comparison of tree-ring responses to climate and population genetics: the need to control for local climate and site variables.
Housset, J.M., Carcaillet, C., Girardin, M.P., Xu, H., Tremblay, F., and Y. Bergeron. 2016.
Frontiers in ecology and evolution 4:123. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2016.00123

Burning potential of fire refuges in the boreal mixedwood.
Ouarmim S., Paradis L., Asselin H., Bergeron Y. Ali A. A. & Hély C. (2016).
Forest 7, 246; doi:10.3390/f7100246.

Atlantic SSTs control regime shifts in forest fire activity of Northern Scandinavia.
Drobyshev I., Bergeron Y. de Vernal A., Moberg A., Ali. A. A. & Niklasson M. (2016).
Scientific Reports, 6:22532 | DOI: 10.1038/srep22532

Previous growing season climate controls the occurrence of black spruce growth anomalies in boreal forests of Eastern Canada.
Ols, C., Hofgaard, A., Bergeron, Y., and I. Drobyshev. 2016. Canadian.
Journal of Forest Research 46(5):696-705.