2024 joint publications for partners of the IRN on Cold Forests

Boreal forest cover was reduced in the mid-Holocene with warming and recurring wildfires

Girardin, M.P., Gaboriau, D.M., Ali, A.A., Gajewski, K., Briere, M.D., Bergeron, Y., Paillard, J., Waito, J., Tardif, J.C.
Nature Communications Earth & Environment. 5, 176 (2024)

Interactions between climate, soil and competition drive tree growth in Quebec forests

Soubeyrand M, Marchand P, Duchesne L, Bergeron Y, Gennaretti F (2024)
Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 555, 121731

Postglacial vegetation migration facilitated by outposts on proglacial lake islands in eastern North America

Vogel M.FS, Ali A.A, Joannin S, Bergeron Y, Asselin H. (2024)
Quaternary Science Advances, Volume 13, 100164

Response of the soil microbial communities to forest ground cover manipulation in a boreal forest

Gao L. Paré D., Martineau C., Xiangbo Y., Rodriguez-Rodriguez J., Gagné P., Bergeron Y. (2024)
Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 553, 121615