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Summer schools for graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students

Below is a list (in development) of international summer schools for graduate students seeking interdisciplinary training, networking and mentoring in scientific disciplines relevant to the International Research Network on Cold Forests.


 International Geochronology Summer School
Dating techniques in environmental research

Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology
Fundamentals of paleoclimate data and modelling techniques and applications

Summer Schools in East Africa and Germany in the field of geo-biosciences
Fundamentals of paleoclimatology, paleontology, paleoanthropology, evolutionary biology, structural geology and geophysics

École d’été en sciences du climat et des changements climatiques
Fundamentals of climatology and climate change

Paleoclimate Training in Climate Archives, Models, and Proxies (paleoCAMP)
Baseline training in a variety of techniques (proxies, modeling, statistics) across different geological timescales, with a focus on big questions in Earth History

Dendrochronology Field School (DFS, formerly NADEF)
Intensive learning experience in dendrochronology

European Dendroecological fieldweek (EUDEF)
Practical field course in tree-ring research

University of Arizona’s Dendrochronology Intensive Summer Course (DISC)
Fundamentals of dendrochronology with a broad range of ecological, climatic, geological, and cultural phenomena applications.

American Center of Research’s Dendrochronology International Summer Course
Fundamentals of tree-ring research with of a focus on Climate, Natural Resources, and Human Interaction

 For dendrochronologists :
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