Hengyi BAI

Professional address

UQAT Campus d’Amos
Bureau 5021, 341 Rue Principale N, Amos, QC J9T 2L7, Canada
Email :
Phone : +1 873-999-4477

Academic Background

    • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at ECUST
    • Master’s degree in Aquatic System and Water Management at Paris VII

Current research theme

Impact of forest harvesting on the functioning of boreal lakes.

Hello, I am Hengyi, a student in forest ecology at UQAT. My project focuses on the boreal forest, the largest forest biome in the world, consisting of a forest-like vegetation formation traversed by a vast lake system. Anthropogenic disturbances in the watershed, such as forest harvesting, can strongly influence the environmental conditions of boreal forest aquatic ecosystems. However, their impacts on aquatic organisms remain poorly understood. My project aims to determine the impact of forest harvesting on the functioning of boreal forest lake ecosystems by assessing how post-harvest terrestrial inputs affect the structure, functioning and health of aquatic food webs.

Keywords: Terrestrial-aquatic interactions, Silviculture, Stable isotope, Zooplankton, Esker lake