Alexandre Florent NOLIN 

Professional address

University of Québec (UQAT) 
Direction Yves Bergeron, Jacques C. Tardif 


I’m ending a PhD in the Forest Research Institute at the University of Québec (defense 2022, Aug 24). My research focuses on the development of multi-century chronologies of annually resolved tree-ring proxies to reconstruct paleodischarges and climate in boreal river watersheds.
I particularly explore how novel applications of flood records from tree rings can improve our understanding of paleofloods and their climatic drivers to improve the regional hydroclimatic predictive trajectories in the context of climate change. 


    • Dendrochronology & Quantitative Wood Anatomy
    • Hydrology, Flood & Drought
    • Climate variability & Change
    • Forest Ecology 


    • PhD in Environmental Sciences, 2022 expected
      University of Québec (UQAT)
    • MA in Environmental Sciences, 2016
      Sorbonne Université (Paris VI)
    • BSc in Forest conservation, 2014
      Université de Tours
    • ATA in Water management, 2012
    • ATA in Forest management, 2010