University of Arizona Tree Ring Lab, Tucson

Since 1934, Tree-Ring Research, the journal of the Tree-Ring Society, invites publications of papers dealing with the growth rings of trees and the applications of tree-ring research in a wide variety of fields (including but not limited to climatology, hydrology, ecology, botany, forestry, archaeology and geology). Papers involving research results, new techniques of data acquisition or analysis, and regional or subject-oriented reviews or syntheses are considered for publication. 

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In the very first publication, Andrew Ellicott Douglass, pioneer of modern dendrochronology, launched the Tree-Ring Bulletin and concluded his editorial saying that: « The door is open for development in any field where the study of tree rings may be useful to science » (Douglass, 1934).

We would therefore like to invite members of the International Research Network on Cold Forests to consider publishing their dendrochronology-related research and participating in this classic journal.

Alexandre F. Nolin, Associate Editor

Reference cited: Douglass, A. E., (1934). Editorial. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(1):2-3. [Accessed August 1st, 2023]

Crédits photo : Creative Commons License, Ted Wood / The Water Desk, October 2018.