publications forêts froides 2023

2023 joint publications for partners of the IRN on Cold Forests

Tirer des leçons du passé pour appréhender l’avenir : le cas des forêts de pins

Gaboriau, D.M., Blache, M. (2023)
Le Couvert Boréal. Vol. 19. Numéro 2. Page 27. Télécharger le PDF.

Boreal Forests in the Face of Climate Change: Sustainable Management (Livre)

Girona, M. M., Morin, H., Gauthier, S., & Bergeron, Y. (2023). Springer Nature. 837 pages.

Initiating the transition from open-canopy lichen woodland to productive forest by transplanting moss, results from a 10-year experiment

Gao, L., Pare, D., Chavardes, R.D., Bergeron, Y. (2023).
Plant and Soil, 484(1-2):33-48.

Estimating lichen α- and β-diversity using satellite data at different spatial resolutions

Cerrejon, C., Valeria, O., Fenton, N.J. (2023). 
Ecological Indicators, 149:110173.0.

Linking seed size and number to trait syndromes in trees.

Bogdziewicz, M., Acuna, M.-C.A., Andrus, R., Ascoli, D., Bergeron, Y., Brveiller, D., Boivin, T., Bonal, R., Caignard, T., Cailleret, M. et al. (2023).  
Global Ecology and Biogeography, 32(5):683-694.

Climatic and vegetational controls of Holocene wildfire regimes in the boreal forest of northern Fennoscandia.

Remy, C.C., Magne, G., Stivrins, N., Aakala, T., Asselin, H., Seppa, H., Luoto, T., Jasiunas, N., Ali, A.A. (2023).
Journal of Ecology, 111(4):845-860.

Biocultural Importance of the Chiuri Tree [Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H. J. Lam] for the Chepang Communities of Central Nepal.

Uprety, Y., Asselin, H. (2023)
Forests, 14(3):479.

Spatial patterns and climatic drivers of leaf spring phenology of maple in eastern North America.

Buttò, V., Khare, S., Jain, P., de Lima Santos, G., Rossi, S. (2023). 
Science of The Total Environment, 857:159064.

Bryophyte community responses 20 years after forest management in boreal mixedwood forest.

Noualhaguet, M., Work, T.T., Soubeyrand, M., Fenton, N.J. (2023). 
Forest Ecology and Management, 531:120804.

Imaginer les réponses des frênaies noires nordiques à l’agrile du frêne et agir en faveur de leur conservation.

Delayance, L.J., Juanole, C., Tardif, J.C. & Nolin, A.F. 
Le Progrès Forestier. Association Forestière du Sud du Québec, n°245, pp 30-33.  Télécharger le PDF.

Temperature and fire controls on vegetation dynamics in Northern Ural (Russia) boreal forests during the Holocene based on brGDGT and pollen data.

Barhoumi, C., et al. (2023).
Quaternary Science Reviews, 305, 108014. 

Plant community and climate differ between former islands and submerged hills by proglacial lake Ojibway in eastern boreal Canada

Ambec, N., Bergeron, Y. & Fenton, N.J.
Biodivers Conserv (2023).

Dominance of coniferous and broadleaved trees drives bacterial associations with boreal feather mosses.

Rodríguez‐Rodríguez, J. C., Bergeron, Y., Kembel, S. W., & Fenton, N. J. (2022). 
Environmental microbiology, 24(8), 3517-3528.

Soil and tree phyllosphere microbial communities differ between coniferous and broadleaf deciduous boreal forests.

Rodríguez-Rodríguez, J. C., Fenton, N. J., Bergeron, Y., & Kembel, S. W. (2023).
Plant and Soil, 1-21.

Competitive interactions under current climate allow temperate tree species to grow and survive in boreal mixedwood forest.

Soubeyrand, M., Gennaretti, F., Blarquez, O., Bergeron, Y., Taylor, A. R., D’Orangeville, L., & Marchand, P. (2023)
Ecography. e06525.

Influence of leaf litter and humus composition on the development of black spruce seedlings: a greenhouse experimentation.

De Noronha, M., Ouimet, R., Barrette, M., Leduc, A., & Bergeron, Y. (2022). 
Forests13(11), 1832.

Regional, site, and tree variations of wood density and growth in Thuja occidentalis L. in the Québec forest. 

Bouslimi, B., Koubaa, A., & Bergeron, Y. (2022).
Forests13(12), 1984. 

A critical thermal transition driving spring phenology of Northern Hemisphere conifers. 

Huang, J. G., Zhang, Y., Wang, M., Yu, X., Deslauriers, A., Fonti, P., Liang, E., Mäkinen, H., Oberhuber, W., Rathgeber, C. B. K., Tognetti, R., Treml, V., Yang, B., Lihong, Z., Zhang, J-L., Antonucci, S., Bergeron, Y., Camarero, J. J., Campelo, F., Čufar, K., Cuny, H., De Luis, M., Gričar, J., Gruber, A., Kašpar, J., King, G., Lombardi, F., del Castillo, E. M., Morin, H., Nabais, C., Nöjd, P., Fajstavr, M, Giovannelli, A., Gryc, V., Güney, A., Jyske, T., Krause, C., Lemay, A., Liu, F., Shishov, V. V., Swidrak, I., Vavrčík, H., Vieira, J., Zeng, Q., Liu, Y. & Rossi, S. (2022).
Global Change Biology. 29(6), 1606-1617.