publications 2017 IRN Forêts froides

2018 joint publications for partners of the IRN on Cold Forests

Soumis/acceptés avec corrections

A Holocene landscape dynamic multiproxy reconstruction: How do interactions between fire and insect outbreaks shape an ecosystem over long time scales ?
Navarro, L., Harvey, A.E. Ali, A.A., Bergeron, Y., and H. Morin.

Tracking open versus closed-canopy boreal forest in the geochemistry of lake sediment deposits.
Bastianelli, C., Paré, D., Ali, A.A., and Y. Bergeron.
Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences. Soumis février 2018.

Increase in wildfires could jeopardize the resilience of boreal forests
Bastianelli, C., Hély, C., Bergeron, Y., Paré, D., and A.A. Ali.
PNAS, soumis Juillet 2018

Decline in the strength of genetic controls on aspen environmental responses from seasonal to century-long phenomena.
Drobyshev, I., Picq, S., Ganivet, E., Tremblay, F., and Y. Bergeron.
Journal of Ecology, soumis juillet 2018

Heat-induced tree mortality events could drive reductions in eastern Canada’s boreal forest biomass resources.
Chaste, E., Girardin, M., Kaplan, J.O., Bergeron, Y., Hély, C., Grondin, P., Gauthier, S., Poirier, V., Tardif, P., Boucher, Y. and Y. Bergeron.
Landscape Ecology, accepté- revisions mineures

Post-1980 shifts in the sensitivity of boreal tree growth to North Atlantic Ocean dynamics and seasonal climate.
Ols, C., Trouet, V., Hofgaard, A., Bergeron, Y., and I. Drobyshev.
Global and Planetary Change, accepté mars 2018.


Drivers of post-fire soil organic carbon accumulation in the boreal forest.
Andrieux, B., Beguin, J., Bergeron, Y., Grondin, P., and D. Paré. 2018.
Global change biology DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14365

Using paleoecology to improve reference conditions for ecosystem-based management in western spruce-moss domain of Québec.
Hennebelle, A. Grondin, P., Aleman, J. Ali, A.A., Bergeron, Y., Borcard, D. and O.
Blarquez Forest Ecology and Management, accepté juillet 2018

The pyrogeography of eastern boreal Canada from 1901 to 2012 simulated with the LPJ-LMfire model.
Chaste, E., Girardin, M.P., Kaplan, J.O., Portier, J., Bergeron, Y., and C. Hely. 2018.
Biogeosciences 15:1273–1292.

Are marginal balsam fir and eastern white cedar stands relics from once more extensive populations in north-eastern North America ?
Nego Jules A., Asselin H., Bergeron Y., Ali A. A. (2018).
The Holocene

A chironomid-Inferred Holocene tempertaure record from a shalow Canadian boreal lake : potentials en pitfalls.
Bajolle L., Laroque-Tobler I., Ali A. A., Lavoie L., Bergeron Y., Gandouin E. (2018).
Journal of Paleolimnology

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of palaeofire reconstructions based on various archives and proxies.
Remy C.C., Fouquemberg C., Asselin, H., Andrieux B., Magnan G., Brossier B., Grondin, P., Bergeron Y., Talon B., Girardin M.G., Blarquez O., Bajolle L., Ali A.A. (2018).
Quaternary Science Review.

Recent fire activity in the boreal eastern interior of North America is below that of  the past 2000 years.
Waito J., Girardin G., Tardif J.C., Conciatrori F., Bergeron Y.  Ali A. A. (2018).
Ecosphere, DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.2287.

Major postglacial summer temperature changes in the central coniferous boreal forest of Quebec (Canada) inferred using chironomid assemblages.
Bajolle L., Larocque-Tobler I., Gandouin E., Lavoie M., Bergeron Y., Ali A.A. (2018).
Journal of Quaternary Science